Concept photo session at London Doodle bar

Photo session

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I had the pleasure to be part of an artistic photo session on the the 24th of March in the very cool Doodle bar.

The photographer – London professional photographer Nikolay Mirchev –  organised the costumes and prop and brought all his equipment including a smoke machine. Check out his website for more info on creating the photographic concept of “The Queen of Souls”.

We used Vyonyx studio office as our preparation space – big thank you to the guys!

Everyone had great fun doing it and hopefully we’ll gather together again for another one 🙂 Here are some shots of it:

The Queen of Souls

The Dark LordThe Queen of Souls












Check out the behind the scene video we made!

Behind the scene “Queen of Souls”

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Work of others

Work of Others

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Work of bloggers, photographers, designers and other creative minds that I enjoy following:

Stefan Sagmeister

Sagmeister & Walsh

Marian Bantjes

Yanko Tsvetkov

Andrey Andreev

Maria Popova


Nikolay Mirchev

Jose Olivares-Hatch

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