I am passionate about design, art, and meaningful content. I am a movie and music lover, photographer, glass painter, smile giver. I like beautiful people, places, objects who are bringing nice memories.

This Foreword by Stefan Sagmeister to Marian Bantjes, for her book ‘I wonder’ is what I want to achieve with my designs:

“Marian is beautiful.

And her typographic pinnacles are gorgeous. It is their beauty that makes me read them; it is their beauty that makes me consider their meaning; it is their beauty that makes me keep at them, even if they occasionally resist easy decipherment.
Marian’s work might be my favourite example of beauty facilitating the communication of meaning.
And… she never lets me down.
The expectations raised by her immaculate form are matched by significance of the content. Ultimately it’s not how she says it, but what she has to say. It’s like meeting a supermodel who turns out to be a neuroscientist.”

 A simple recipe:

Imagine mixing some dream, thought, and idea, in quantities that work best for you. Then you add Believe in it, the best quality you can find, to make the mixture take some shape. Then, Create a model of your concept, add essence and meaning and share it with the world!